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Owning your own business and building a
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Hyperion Insurance is unlike the other guys. We offer a scalable business model that not only puts you in the driver’s seat, but sets the sky as the limit on YOUR terms! Gone are the days of mandatory quotas, hidden rewards, unattainable goals, or impossible standards. With Hyperion you will know every carrier, what they offer, and how much you can expect to gain with their partnership.

Have a recommendation or idea? With Hyperion, you’ll not only be heard, but you’ll be distinguished! In Greek mythology, Hyperion was the titan of heavenly light, the watcher – and just like him we aim to be that for our clients, we strive to have the same mentality for our extended branch partnerships. Join a REAL family, click below to schedule a time to meet with our leadership – and take that first step to finding out what the HYPE is all about!

Starting your own business can feel scary

Our model removes the unknowns and makes it simple

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Why Hyperion Insurance


With Hyperion’s next-gen technology, we have perfected proven processes that make selling easier than ever. We do this with Advanced sales automation. Automating sales tasks is the way of the future. If you can be two places at once, you can achieve twice the sales in the same amount of time!

Selling is very important! Without sales we have no business, but what about taking care of the clients you already have? How do you provide excellent customer service without stalling growth?

The answer is you don’t! We service your clients for you, from ID cards, processing payments, policy changes, coverage questions and renewal quotes we’ve got you covered. So that you can do what you do best, which is SELL!

What’s in it for you

  • Highest commissions paid
  • No upfront fee required
  • Our service center is included! All while you keep more new business and renewal commission than “the other guys” pay!
  • You get access to the best carriers immediately!
  • We support your goals with no carrier requirements!
  • You get access to brands that your clients can trust! with all the branding materials you need to make a great first impression!

Click below and schedule an appointment, so that you can discover all the benefits that Hyperion Insurance can offer you.

Build a branch today


With Hyperion, we provide more than access to carriers. When joining Hyperion, you will receive extensive in-person Carrier Technology, and sales training before launching! Then we provide all-out support through your first year of business. Your success is our success!

In addition to Carrier Technology, and sales training, we also provide business mentorship! From hiring strategy, pay plans, entity formation, and everything in between, we are here for you!


At Hyperion, we work hard so that we can play hard, and with HYPE travel, you can do it on our dime! We exist to help you succeed. With our years of experience, you get the inside track to the success that you work hard for!

No matter what role you play, as a Hyperion insurance member, we are one team, and we WIN together!

Carrier Access

With Hyperion, you will have access to the most exclusive carriers in the nation! Carriers like Allstate, Travelers, Progressive, and Nationwide, to name a few. With these powerhouse carriers combined with local gladiators like American Risk, UPC, and AmWins, we win over 80% of the clients that we pitch!

All while paying some of the highest commissions available! We want you to WIN. For this reason, we provide the full breakdown of carrier commissions, so you have the insight to be a real success!